To the Western Border

To the Western Border by Roger C. Lubeck

How do you kill a Wizard? In Orme, practicing magic is a profession possessed by only a few. Wizards and witches are valued members of any town or village. When Ralf a road weary free-wizard learns that Jared, a harmless old wizard living on the western border has been brutally murdered, he attends the Council on Magic’s monthly meeting to ask two questions. First, if the Council knows why anyone would kill Jared, and second, how do you kill a wizard? Unable to answer either question, the Council of Magic sends four of its council members, Michael, its aging Master, Clare the beautiful sorceress who once was Michael’s apprentice, Gor the joker who longs to be taken seriously, and Sara a wild witch to investigate the mysterious death. Led by Ralf and protected by Lieutenant Avery and a small troop of guardsmen, the investigators simple five-day journey to the western border becomes a desperate fight for survival when the group is repeatedly attacked by a band of dark raiders who are intent on killing the council members. To the Western Border: A Fantasy Adventure is the first book in The Council of Magic series.

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