The Writing Journey

The Writing Journey is the year-round writing group associated with the Naperville Region of National Novel Writing Month. The Writing Journey has over fifty members. The group offers activities including workshops, write-ins, online chats, social gatherings, and major writing projects. The Writing Journey’s members span all ages and writing experiences. Members have written and published four short story anthologies.

Other publications by The Writing Journey (also, The Journey)

  • Infinite Monkeys (2009) Edited by Katherine Lato
  • The Letter (2012) Edited by Claire Somerville
  •  Drops of Midnight (2012) Edited by Steve White
  • The Day Before the End of the World (2012) Edited by Roger Lubeck
  • Stories from Other Worlds (2014) Edited by Ana Koulouris and Roger Lubeck
  • Voices from the Dark (2015) Edited by Roger Lubeck

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