Overland: Stage to El Paso

Overland 2 19  2016 Right Side

Ex-Cavalry Sergeant Nathan Hilton is looking for
a change. Nathan trades in his stagecoach ticket
to El Paso for a 12-gauge shotgun and a seat on
top. Hired as a second express messenger for the
ten day trip from Fort Smith to El Paso, Nathan
will have to contend with a parade of colorful
drivers, station keepers, camp commanders,
buffalo soldiers, unruly cowboys, and a woman
going to Mexico to marry a man she’s never met.
In the high desert mountains of West Texas,
Nathan’s skill with a Winchester and his own
code of bravery may be the only thing keeping
him alive when the stage crosses paths with
Geronimo leading a band of Apache Indians
freshly off the reservation and looking for
horses and scalps.Buy on Amazon