Roger C. Lubeck, Ph.D.

Roger B & W

Roger lives in California and divides his time between writing, publishing, and photography.. He is Vice President of the California Writers Club, Immediate Past President of the Redwood Branch of the California Writers Club, and President of It Is What It Is Press.  In his consulting career, Roger was President of Corporate Behavior Analysts, Ltd., a Chicago and California based leadership and management consulting firm. Roger has over 30 years consulting in real estate services, healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, and mental health. Roger is the author of a number of business publications on customer service, leadership, management, marketing, and sales.

Roger has a degree in Experimental Psychology from Utah State University and M.A. and B.S. degrees in Behavioral Psychology from Western Michigan University. In his career, Roger has been a business consultant, workshop leader, retreat facilitator, public speaker, speechwriter, assistant professor, researcher, parent trainer, and dogcatcher. Roger is married to Lynette Chandler. Lynette is an Emeritus Professor in the Northern Illinois University Department of Special Education. She is an author and national authority on Early Childhood Special Education.

Roger Lubeck published novels include:

  • On the Half Shell, 2020
  • Motor Patrol Torpedo Boat 777, 2020
  • Ghosts in Horseshoe Canyon, 2018
  • Overland: Stage to El Paso, 2017
  • Key West, the fourth Robert Cederberg novel, 2015
  • Port Royal, the third Robert Cederberg novel, 2013
  • Captiva, the second Robert Cederberg novel, 2012
  • Bullseye, the first Robert Cederberg novel, 2011
  • To the Western Border: A Fantasy Adventure, 2011

Roger has two short plays that were produced: “You Have Won” and “Lean and Hungry.” Roger’s short story “Squeakers” appeared in the California Writers Club 2018 Literary Review.  Other short stories have appeared in several Redwood Writers Anthologies: Sunset Sunrise (2020), Endeavor (2019), Redemption (2018), No Contest (2017), Sonoma (2017), Journeys (2015), Water (2014). His poetry has appeared in And Yet (2020), Crow, (2019), Phoenix (2018), Stolen Light (2017), Sonoma (2017).

Roger and Chris Hanson are the authors of:

  • Finding the Right Path: A Guide to Leading and Managing a Title Insurance Company, 2011
  • Finding the Right Strategy: How to Grow Income in a Title Insurance Company, 2014

Roger was the Editor/Publisher on:

  • Every Book Counts: The Stories of My Life, by Samuel C. Chandler, 2015
  • Stories from Other Worlds, by the Writing Journey, 2014
  • The Day Before the End of the World, by the Journey, 2012

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