Motor Patrol Torpedo Boat 777

Vivid combat action combined with a crime thriller.Can a man be lucky? Fighting on a Motor Patrol Torpedo Boat operating in the South Pacific in World War II is dangerous enough without having a crew believing their skipper is unlucky.

Captain MacDonald has already lost one boat when Ensign Ian Clarke joins PT 777. MacDonald goes out of his way to test Clarke’s skill as a boat commander. The boat’s supply chief and resident “Fagin,” Chief Green tests Ian’s luck and his susceptibility to the rewards of crime in a theater of war. Captain MacDonald’s trust in Ian’s skills is strengthened when Ian saves the boat from a pair of Japanese Zeros. Ian’s luck is confirmed when Green takes Clarke to a big-money crap game. Ian’s luck at dice earns Green more than a year’s salary. Money which Green gladly shares along with the offer to join in other money-making activities controlled by a gang operating on the base. Ian is a straight arrow who only wants to be part of the crew.

Everything changes when a series of bloody combat missions come under investigation by Naval Intelligence and Ian becomes entangled with Mai, a Japanese prostitute working in a brothel operated by Chief Green. Ultimately, Ian will need more than luck when he fights to save Mai and maintain his duty to the country and the crew of PT 777.

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