Key West



Key West by Roger C. Lubeck


Robert Cederberg is a man with secrets, a man with a dark past. Robert is living on the beach on Captiva Island in south Florida. He owns a successful Fort Myers gun club, the Bullseye II, run by a pair of Vietnam vets who have their own past to hide. In this novel, Robert’s finds his neighbor David Yea shotand left for dead by a professional killer. Before he dies, Yea tells Robert a tale of buried gold stolen from pirates. Through a reporter friend, Ms. Katherine Carol Jones, Robert learns the diver, an ex-navy SEAL, who washed up dead on Sanibel beach from a shark attack had a map of Captiva, a silenced Mark 2 Ruger’s .22 target pistol, a room key from a motel in Key West, and a gold doubloon worth one thousand dollars. For K.C., there is a potential story in Key West. For Robert, there is the prospect of spending time with K.C., and the possibility of a million dollars in pirate’s gold.

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