A Guide to Leading and Managing a Title Insurance Company

Finding the Right Path by Lubeck and Hanson

Buy the Book ($10.99)

After 20 years consulting in the Title Insurance Industry, Roger Lubeck and Chris Hanson from Corporate Behavior Analysts, Ltd., share their insights into leading and managing a title insurance company. Finding the right path in today’s business environment requires leaders and managers to embrace change. Using examples specific to the title insurance industry, the authors explore change in the context of leadership, assessing a company, setting direction, metrics, team development, culture, starting to manage, influencing behavior, setting standards, coaching, problem solving, why meetings are important, and making change practical. Corporate Behavior Analysts, Ltd. (CBA) is a Chicago based consulting firm providing leadership and management development. Founded in 1998 by business Psychologists, Chris Hanson, Ph.D. and Roger Lubeck, Ph.D., CBA has worked with hundreds of independent title insurance agents, the two largest title insurance underwriters, and numerous Land Title Associations. As national speakers and experts on leadership and management, Roger and Chris have consulted with small and large companies in more than fifty cities in over thirty states.

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