Robert Cederberg is a modern day Don Quixote. In Bullseye, we meet Robert Cederberg. Robert is a man with a dark past. When he was twelve, he killed a man and got away with his crime. Growing up fascinated by guns, he hung out at a seedy gun club, the Bullseye on the east side of Detroit. When Robert returned from Vietnam, the Bullseye offered him sanctuary; the tradeoff was that owning the Bullseye cost him the lives of everyone about whom he cared. Now Robert is living on the beach on Captiva Island in Florida. One night Robert saves a young woman from drowning. In saving Nina, Robert becomes a modern day Don Quixote and his Dulcinea, Nina, turns out to be a drug addict and a prostitute desperate to escape her drug dealing boyfriend and his crew. After learning that Nina has died from an overdose at the hands of her boyfriend, Robert travels to Immokalee to investigate Nina’s death. When Robert confronts Nina’s boyfriend, his uncle, Don Valdez, a local drug lord warns Robert to go home and stop tilting at windmills. Days later when Robert’s younger brother, mother, and father are involved in a car accident, Robert’s obligations to his family and his sense of responsibility for the dead girl lead him into a violent drama carried out in the grasslands and white beaches of Southern Florida.

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