Finding the Right Strategy

Finding_the_Right_St_Cover_for_Kindle small

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As a follow-up to their first book, Finding The Right Path: A Guide To Leading And Managing A Title Insurance Company, Chris Hanson and Roger Lubeck from Corporate Behavior Analysts, Ltd., share insights and experiences on the changing nature of sales in the Title Insurance Industry in their new book Finding The Right Strategy: How To Grow Sales in a Title Insurance Company. Finding The Right Strategy focuses on using time-tested concepts as well as new sales ideas for the evolving digital age and is based on the authors 23 years of consulting. Title industry executives, agency owners and managers, sales managers and account representatives will discover in Finding the Right Strategy, practical ideas and guidelines for the development of sales strategies and tactics. Finding The Right Strategy includes chapters on selecting sales strategies, branding, the importance of customer service as a strategy, determining what customers’ value, measuring customer satisfaction, sales skills, creating a sales plan, keeping sales staff accountable, and sales strategies in the digital age.

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